Now those daring purveyors of fine goods, Davenport & Winkleperry, have turned their hands to addressing not only your dietary needs, but also providing stimulating and thought-provoking entertainment with the addition of their wonderful late night lounge, Davenport's.

We, here at Davenport and Winkleperry, firmly believe it to be our duty to address our patrons full gamut of needs. As such, in the past, we have been proud to bring you D&W Alfalfa Ice Cream (with 50 percent more sprouts), Penny Farthing Seat Cushions, and most recently the Klaude Davenport Brand Cheese Grater with laser sight. And with that thought in mind, we carry a wonderful selection of loose leaf teas, coffee, tasty nibbles and beverages of a more adult nature.

Here you will find some of the lovely offerings available in our cafè and lounge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve food?
No, we do not have a kitchen but we sometimes have tasty tidbits that are brought to us by some absolutely wonderful local bakeries, and we have 8 restaurants within walking distance. Any of our staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Also, feel free to bring in your own dinner and enjoy one of our tasty beverages.

I just want to come in for a coffee/tea/beer/wine during the day, do I have to be a member?
Of course you can come in and we'd love to see you. In order to accommodate folks, we do not serve liquor until after 7pm and then, only to our members & their guests.

Weekly Events

We are very lucky to have a couple great weekly events.

  • Tuesday at 7pm: The Lovecrafters, a Knitting and Craft Group
  • Wednesday at 7pm: TBA
  • Thursday at 7pm: WTF!?! Game Night
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